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Wondering what THE trend of the summer is going to be? The answer is here and it is Native American inspired jewelry. With vibrant splashes of turquoise and the irresistible gleam of diamonds as well as stunning silver, designers this season are creating one of a kind pieces. They are truly a must have! This Native American theme helps breathe life back into a culture and art that has faded into the back round. Designers are paying homage to the tradition and beauty of Native American style. It is a true mix of past and present and the results are beautiful! For example, designer Pamela Love draws her inspiration from Native American motifs. Her jewelry is riddled with snakes, feathers, and arrows. These are very traditional Native American themes, but she has put her own modern twist on them to make her pieces wearable to the modern day man or woman. These pieces will spark envy in all of your friends! The jewelry is a mix of antique and contemporary, old and new coming together as one. These Southwest/Native American inspired pieces are perfect for a pop of color against a dark wardrobe or to provide classic silver but with a unique twist! Statement pieces like these are essential for any wardrobe. So, go out and get a hand on these timeless pieces because they are flying off the shelves!!