Every style guru knows jewelry can make or break an outfit! With all the fads and trends out there, all the bling and sparkle, have you ever wondered what the best way to layer your jewelry is or how to strike that "just right" spot? Well, we have...and we are sure you have as well!!! So, here goes a little 1-2-3 guide on on layering your jewelry! Sit down, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take in all our awesome advice! Ready...and GO!


1. Create some space: For necklaces, make sure you have different lengths. So, maybe start with a 16-inch necklace that sits high on the neckline and go down a few inches for every layer. This will create a dynamic look, but it also a practical way to layer - they won't get tangled! Who is an advocate of practical AND pretty?! We definitely are! 


2. Keep like with like: For the wrist, we love wearing either three big cuffs on a single wrist or a stack of bangles that really pack a punch! Also, keep in mind similar shapes and pair those together as well! Throw some bracelets on your arm alongside your watch, too! Stacking is fun! So, have FUN with it!


3. Do as  Y O U  please! Wear whatever makes YOU happy and defines your own personal style! This is how come we all look different, because we ARE all different! Same goes with our jewelry! You are not made out of a cookie cutter, and your jewelry is not either! Above are just a couple general tips, but YOU fill in the gaps with your own unique style! Sparkle and shine just by being YOU...wearing YOUR jewelry how YOU want to!