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Nothing shows off your personal style and flare better than your choice of accessories! And with all of the women's fashions available to us today, it's a no brainer that we need a little insight and WISDOM on just which accessories to pair with certain necklines. Gabriel & Company has a wonderful selection of the perfect necklaces to pair with WHATEVER you are wearing. Let's read on for some designer tips!

1. Strapless:  There are several options and each can be incredibly eye-catching! Set a single solitaire pendant on a thin chain to lie right in the dimple of your clavicle. You can also choose a brilliant and bold statement necklace. All diamonds have incredible impact, especially when the dress is monochromatic. Multi-colored stones look impressive against a black gown as well. Or choose a delicately crafted choker that is either centered on one large centerpiece stone, or highlights intricate artisanry and small set stones.

Item Shown Above: NK5360W84JJ

2. Turtlenecks: Because turtlenecks represent a more causal style and tend to be bulkier than the other options, choose necklaces that are lightweight, not too grand and move freely. A pendant on a long chain, or layered with another one elongates the body as the sweater does and won’t get tangled in the weave. Another tip: Remember remove your necklaces BEFORE you take off the sweater!

Item Shown Above: NK5383W84OX

3. Halter Necks: Most effective when worn with a long pendant on a dense but not wide link that sports a sparkling drop that is shaped in such a way as to point, however, obviously, to your cleavage!!

Items Shown Above: NK5214W45JJ & NK5216W45JJ

4. Boat Neck: To contrast the horizontal neckline, pick two long vertical lengths, one that ends with a specific pendant or drop, and the other that frames the drop with a longer, more graceful curve!

Items Shown Above: NK5457SVJKD & NK5345W45JJ

5. Off the Shoulder: You could wear a choker similar to one described under “strapless’ but the strongest look for this sensual neckline is ropes and ropes of gold and silver, of varied widths and lengths as many as you can handle. Just note: This can be dangerous if the evening includes a night of dancing! 

6. Crew or Jewel: So-called because it reflects the same circumference as a classic strand of pearls. But don’t limit yourself!!! It’s a smart backdrop for a metal link chain or to loosely layer a combination of chain and bejeweled ropes for a fresh, informal take on glamour! Be creative!

Items Shown Above: NK5327W45JJ & NK5222W45JJ

7. Button Down Shirt: By the nature of the blouse’s silhouette, necklace placement is both understated and partially hidden. Consequently, it’s best to choose one of uniform design and detail (same sized stone or link all around) long enough to drop below the clavicle but short enough to display the bottom curve before the highest closed shirt button.

Item Shown Above: NK5461SVJKD

The options are endless, which means your creativity can be limitless! Have fun pairing your PERFECT accessories and sparkles with your outfits!!! Visit our entire Gabriel collection here in our showroom and ask one of our friendly Sales Associates to help you mix and match and come up with the perfect look for YOU!