Doves, the brand... Originating from New York City, designed by Doron Hakimian… A unique designer with a specific goal of making all women feel beautiful when wearing his pieces. He was raised in a family of precious gemstone manufacturers, yet decided to pursue his degree in architecture, which comes to be a foundational piece in the uniqueness of this elegant brand. Upon winning the American Institute of Architects Design award, he decided to “build jewelry” instead of buildings. He has shown his marvelous gift of drawing with his architect eye to create a wonderfully beautiful product in his jewelry pieces. Being inspired by architecture and how space and shapes work together, he has crafted pieces that are visually captivating and have a powerful end result, for example – crafting a ring design that works to visually lengthen a woman’s finger. This articulate designer also gleams inspiration from art and nature… Once when going to St. Barth’s and seeing the ocean, he created St. Barth’s Blue collection (turquoise and white topaz doublet).


Each beautiful piece of Dove’s jewelry is hand crafted for durability and lasting beauty. After the designer sketches a design with pencil and paper, he casts pieces in either a New York or China workshop, and he is the immediate supervisor of the entire process from draft to fruition. Each piece is hand-stamped with the Dove which symbolizes peace and new beginnings (this gained root from his parents coming as refugees from the Middle East). This gifted designer has created pieces from J Lo and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama.


The Doves brand is crafted using the highest quality of products such as 18k gold, precious gemstones, and diamonds with superior clarity and color. There is even a training guide which describes what each stone is and where the inspiration originates and what each piece is meant to promote. Many pieces of Doves jewelry promote healthy, prosperity, and peace. This global luxury is oftentimes showcased along the stretch of the Red Carpet and it can be found right in our showroom.